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Why Choose Us?


You want the best value possible and we guarantee our ability to find you the lowest cost insurance solution whatever your need.  We are the largest online insurance brokerage in Ottawa and that volume helps us keep your costs low.


You don’t want to trust just anyone so having a company who has been in the business of life insurance since 2009 is important.  Whether you are concerned about your health, lifestyle, or any other insurance challenge let our extensive knowledge about insurance work for you.


Your time is important and we respect this.   Our goal is to give you the best possible experience whether we are quoting, applying, or updating an insurance policy which you previously purchased. 


If you hate toll free number with terrible hold music then we are the right choice for you.  We are an Ottawa owned and operated insurance brokerage and our phones connect direct to real people just like you.

Choosing a broker Why Us
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